ABC Giving Tree Appeal 

The ABC Giving Tree Appeal is back for 2023, celebrating its 35th year, the appeal is Tasmania's biggest Christmas charity. 

Since its establishment in 1988, the ABC Giving Tree Appeal has become a tradition amongst families and communities alike. With up to $100,000 raised each year, we are urging people to continue to generously donate to this long standing Tasmanian charity.

Proceeds from the ABC Giving Tree Appeal are distributed between Launceston Benevolent Society, Launceston City Mission, St Vincent de Paul Society, The Salvation Army,Uniting Tasmania, Hobart City Mission, Mission Australia, Anglicare, Colony 47, Hobart Women's Shelter and Kennerley Children's Home.

Charities will use the funds raised to purchase toys, gifts and food hampers for Tasmanian individuals and families requiring financial support over the holiday season. These cash and online donations will also allow charities to tailor what they purchase for each of their clients, including providing gift cards for parents to pick out something special for their children.

​​​​​​​The ABC Giving Tree Appeal uses the GiveEasy platform to allow us to be able to continue to operate the Giving Tree. GiveEasy provides an alternative to manual receipting, accounting and tracking of the thousands of online donations we receive, which simply wouldn’t be possible for us to do without a purpose-built platform such as GiveEasy.

GiveEasy is an Australian owned platform with a flat-rate fee of 3.5% for each donation made, which the ABC Giving Tree Appeal takes on in order to ensure we can continue to help support thousands of Tasmanians in need each year.

This is the only administrative cost that the ABC Giving Tree Appeal incurs.

$25 can buy a special gift for someone in need

This could purchase a range of gifts for boys, girls and adults of all ages such as an outdoor activity like a cricket game, a kids toy, a family board game, or something special for a mum or dad.

Give $25

$75 can take a family to the movies

This donation could provide a special activity for a family to enjoy together that they might not usually be able to do, like a visit to the movies. 

Give $75

$200 can provide Christmas lunch for a family

This donation could provide food for a family to enjoy Christmas lunch together.

Give $200

Give a donation of your choice to make a difference to Tasmanians in need these holidays

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